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The way we work

Real-life example (Google Shopping)

Reading example: In ‘Month 0’ we took over the bidding for Google Shopping advertisements. In month 3 the Sales Index was at 307, up from 100 in Month 0. This represents a sales increase of 207%. In that same month the index for Cost of Sales was at 40, representing an advertising cost decrease of 60%.

‘Sales’ is defined as the revenue (or: Conversion Value) resulting from Shopping advertisements as registered by Google.
‘Advertising Cost of Sales’ (ACoS) is defined as: advertising expenses divided by the corresponding ‘Sales’.  E.g. if a retailer spends €20,- on advertising to generate €100,- in Sales, then the ACoS is 20%.

Our track record

Our commercial claim is that we improve advertising performance by 20% at least (‘ACoS’).

However, we are proud to say that, on average, we do much better than that. The sales increase we have realised for our customers ranges from 9% to 142%. The reduction in ACoS ranges from 13% to 55% **).

The graph below highlights the average performance changes of all campaigns we have managed up until Q2 2021 . 

**) As a standardised performance measurement method we compare the 3-month average before we started bidding with the 3-month average after we started bidding on the campaign. Every business is different and the quality with which the campaigns are managed before we come on board also varies greatly. The above figures are for informational purposes only. No rights can be derived from them.

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