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by Neural Search Labs GmbH

‘NEURALsearch’ makes advertising across marketplaces easy and profitable.

It automatically books the best keywords across Google, Amazon and while publishing your advertisements where they work best for you.

We call that ‘Cross-marketplace advertising’.

You increase sales, decrease costs, save time.


A technology-first approach to search advertising

Search Advertising is essentially a numbers game. NEURALsearch has been built from scratch to play that game in a multi-marketplace set-up.

We use leading-edge AI-technology from the fields of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing while building on the latest insights from DNA-sequencing, real-time financial trading and online marketing.

The result is a highly intelligent system that automatically allocates your advertising budget to the marketplaces that work best for your specific shop and products.


Tailor-made to fit your needs. Perfectly

NEURALsearch has been built on leading-edge AI-technology that we tailor to your specific needs to maximise your success.

Every online-shop is different. Different products, markets, channels, countries, profitability levels, strategies. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all advertising algorithm.

We use proprietary technology which we can combine with standard marketplace bidding algorithms and other tools. Whatever works best for you.

Sounds great, but what’s in it for me?

What our customers appreciate

What our customers appreciate

Top-performance and peace of mind

‘When we started using NEURALsearch back in 2017 our sales jumped by almost 50% in the first months for exactly the same level of AdSpend. Ever since we’ve been more than happy with the performance. The partnership with the guys from Neural Search Labs is next to none. Continuously looking for improvements their highly analytical approach to search marketing has developed into an asset for our company. They give me the peace of mind that we are exploiting market opportunities to the max and that somebody is on top of things in case something goes wrong or market conditions change. This is exactly what you need when running a multi-million pound business.’

Huge performance improvement and many hours saved per week

‘We used to manage Google shopping ourselves but we were not happy with the results. We decided to give NEURAlsearch a try and sales jumped almost immediately by more than 200% while costs dropped dramatically. What’s more, we save many hours per week and after close to 4 years we are still very happy with the results and with the friendly and constructive co-operation with Neural Search Labs.

  • Monique Menge, Managing Director Ayurveda4all /

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